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 Colombo Crime Family. ( Official )

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PostSubject: Colombo Crime Family. ( Official )   Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:45 pm

Year: 1955
Place: Vinnie's Pub
Time: 7:52 p.m

Outside the place, the smell of smoke and cigar fumes tore through the air whilst inside of the pub, their was much ad-libbing and life. It was around 7:52 on the dot and 3 men walked into the bar, cashmere suits hanging down to their knees, golden pinky rings on their fingers, dressed like respected men, made men.. When they finally took their last few steps into the place the life of the pub went blank, as if the devil himself had just arrived. Everyone turned, you could easily hear a pen drop, one of the three men reached his right hand down into his coat and as his hand came up it revealed a loaded black pistol with what seemed to be a silencer. Without another word a flurry of bullets escaped from the 3 men's guns' as they took aim for anything that lived. Tables were pushed over, glass was shattering, you could even hear the screams coming from in back of the place. Minutes, went on to become hours, which went on to seem like an eternity. Once the smoke cleared and all the damage was done, there was no sign of either 3 of the men that had entered the bar, they were like ghosts.

This had been just one of many other incidents spreading around the New York area. These events were centered toward the Colombo "crime" Family, and their war for power. You didn't go around messing with these guy's they were dangerous. Rumors spread around the local area that these guys would chop out ya' nuts, and stick them up around a tractor and run em' over. It was terrible, no one knew what to do, it seemed like the violence would never end. Until this one day...

Year: 1963
Time: 6:10 a.m
Place: Outside Vito 'the Undisputed Don Vee Vee' Razziamuto's home.

This cat, named Vito Razziamuto ordered the shooting of Vito's pub back in 55'. He was the big guy, the cat that ran things, he thought he owned Harlem. In celebration, they threw a party only...something wasn't right. Vito, Nicky 'Flap Jack' Suzziani the underboss to Vito, and Jamie 'Two Face Jackson' Spinelli the consigliere to Colombo went to have a chat in Vito's bedroom. They conversed for a while...

Vito: Ey' guys' chu' know we doing alright for ourselves.
Nicky: Yeah Vito' but uh' i think it's time for you to step down.
Vito: What? No, that cannot happen!
Nicky: I figured it would come to this. Goodbye Vito

Jamie spun out his chrome .22 an fire 5 shots into Vito's head. Meanwhile, the party out front heard the shots ring off and proceeded to flee the house. After all the screams faded into the distance, Vito and Jamie emerged from the back room. As the 2 men walked out, Nicky turned to jamie and drew the snubnose to his face.

Nicky: and you too.

3 shots were fired into Jamie's head. He collapsed instantaneously. That was it, Nicky was not in charge of every bit of Colombo. But with a guy like Vito's death, and the notoriety of Vito word got around fast, suspicions rose, word got around town like wildfire. Something was about to happen, everyone had their shoulders turned.

Date: 1967
Place: A news cab stand in Harlem, New York
Time: 5:00 a.m

In the 2 years of Vito's death and all, Nicky had been running the family all well. Perhaps too well. But by now, Colombo needed a few guy's to run numbers, and they used kids to do it. Nicky had sent a guy out named Joseph Cazzaphino a new scout for Colombo to find some number runners. Luckily for him, he found a kid about 4'5 115 pounds. A kid named Salvatore Mendecelli. Salvatore was a 15 year old kid that was only selling news papers to make some ends meet. He needed the money to help support his mother and father, and would do anything for it. Joseph spotted the short stocky kid and approached him...

Joseph: HEY KID! you need a job?
Salvatore Oh yes please sir!
Joseph: Follow me.

The two walked along, Joseph led Salvatore into a taxi cab where the two then pulled off to Black Ridges Garden. A nice park, where people ride bikes and walk dogs. A normal park, no one suspected anything. After a while, Salvatore was running numbers for the gang very well and this impressed Nicky to a high extent. It grew from running numbers, to theft, and then from theft to pushing drugs. Before you knew it, Salvatore was the richest 15 year old kid on the block.

Year: 1972
Place: Big Joseph's Pizza Parlor
Time: 9:01 p.m

It had been a long night for Salvatore, he'd been running drugs all night, and was only there for a bite to eat. As he finished up the pizza Joseph, the man that recruited Salvatore was just about to lock up. When their was a knock on the door of the shop, Salvatore got up to answer it. A large group of about 8 men walked in, guns drawn, and fired at Salvatore 3 times. One hit him in the arm, the other lodged into his knee, and the final onegrazed the tip of his neck. Shredding off the skin. Once he was out of the way they approached Joseph and fired 20 times. Killing him on the spot. They walked out, leaving no evidence. It was the revenge everyone knew was going to happen, these men were looking for Nicky and decided to go for his men. It wasn't a matter of time before Nicky was going to be dead as well.

Year: 1973
Place: Inside Nicky's house
Time: 5:15 a.m

Salvatore felt resentment for the shooting. He was angry at everything, and would not hesitate to fire his weapon at anything that moved. Nicky had called Salvatore and 3 other guys Winston Newburg a new recruit. Nino Sivellia another new recruit. Along with Micky Vivanosso another new recruit. After they all sat down, 23 year old Salvatore Mendecelli was the youngest capo regime ever to be in the Colombo family. But that would soon change.

Nicky: Salvatore, my friend. I trust you with all my heart, and i would like to give you the honor of running a crew under the family eh?
Salvatore: * nodding his head *
Nicky: But Salvatore, you are too much of an insecure vaffanculo to run shit around here!

This was at first confusing to Salvatore, and both hurtful. After all the things he has done for this bastard? This is how he re-pays him? Unacceptable. But now, Salvatore was older and had adapted the ways of ' La Cosa Nostra ' which taught him never to let a man jab you in the back, so Salvatore ripped out his gun and aimed to Nicky's chest. He blasted off until he had an empty clip. Although his actions were punishable by death, he had a way to hide the body.

The other boys glared at Salvatore, not even knowing what just happened. Colombo had many gaps in their rankings, and was falling apart fast. Salvatore, right at that moment, elected himself as don.

Year: 1973
Place: A local graveyard.
Time: 12:00 a.m at night

HIDE THE BODY HIDE THE BODY! shouted Salvatore, as him and the other boys dug a deep ditch into the eroding dirt, they threw the body in. Then they lay at rest, the other boys looked at Salvatore but said nothing. After their rest, they stood up and walked away. The way it seemed, Salvatore ran things in Colombo now...

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PostSubject: Re: Colombo Crime Family. ( Official )   Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:32 am

Looks Good Marcel.

Just recruit and I will mark your Family as official.
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Colombo Crime Family. ( Official )
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