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 The Genovese Crime Family ( Official )

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PostSubject: The Genovese Crime Family ( Official )   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:42 pm

The Genoveses
No. of members: 200-250
Boss: Santo Giacomo
Underboss: unknown

Nicknamed “The Ivy League” of organized crime, the Genoveses have unparalleled success in the underworld. Strong leadership has enabled them to remain at or near the top of the five families since the 1930s. Charles “Lucky” Luciano is perhaps the most notorious of these Genovese bosses and, along with Joe Bonanno, the two men played a big part in the formation of the Commission. Lucky Luciano was succeeded by Vito Genovese, Frank Costello and Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, collectively known as the “Great Fathers” of the Genovese crime family.

Current status: In 1962, Genovese family member Joe Valachi became the first New York wiseguy to break La Cosa Nostra’s vow of silence. Since then, a number of high-ranking members have done the same, and the family has experienced a steady decline. However, even though the leadership is currently unclear, they remain New York’s largest crime family, with upwards of 250 made members.
family ties
The recent police raid conducted on the 5 families’ strongholds in New York and New Jersey led to nearly 80 members being indicted on a number of felony charges. Whether or not they will recover from this latest blow is anyone’s guess. Antonio Nicaso, who has written 17 books on organized crime, said that while these raids were unprecedented in scale, the organization would recover. “The Mafia is like the grass, the more you cut it, the more it grows,” he stated. However, some argue that the Mafia has been in a steady decline since the 1970s, and this would surely prove the end is near.

Now in 2008 The Active Boss is Santo Giacomo

(Monthly Chart By Cut.)
Narcotics $ - 1,000.
Prostitution/Strip Clubs $ - 10,000.
Illegal Casinos $ - 5,200.
Loan Sharking $ - 1,000.
Pornography $ - 900.
Murder $ - 25,000.
Extortion $ - 45,000.
Overall week take... $61,101.
(Before broken into takes and payed to Family members.)
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The Genovese Crime Family ( Official )
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