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 Aryan Brotherhood Fact's. [Read]

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PostSubject: Aryan Brotherhood Fact's. [Read]   Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:43 am

History of the Aryan Brotherhood as detailed in federal indictments of members:

_ 1964: White inmates at San Quentin state prison in Northern California form the Aryan Brotherhood.

_ 1973: The group spreads to federal prisons.

_ 1980: Federal prisoners in the gang form a three-member group with authority to approve killings, assaults, drug deals and other activities.

_ 1997: The gang forms individual units with separate leaders to oversee security, drugs, gambling and other business.

_ 2002: Forty alleged members are arrested on a variety of charges, including racketeering, murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of murder and various drug offenses. The arrests occur across the country, with search warrants executed at prisons and offices in 12 states.

_ 2006: Experts believe national membership has grown to about 15,000 inside and outside prisons. It is no longer necessary to be white to


The Aryan Brotherhood is a racially based biker gang which began to spread hatred in 1967, originating in San Quentin Prison in California. The Aryan Brotherhood formed out of the need for protection for white prisoners against Hispanic and African American prisoners. (Special Needs Offenders Bulletin, October 1997)”.

The Aryan Brotherhood went through a few name changes before taking on the name which they now carry; they began as the Diamond Tooth Gang. They were called the Diamond tooth gang because they were known for wearing a piece of glass embedded in one of their front teeth. Prior to that they were the Bluebird gang in which the members were tattooed with bluebirds on their necks. It is currently estimated that there are approximately 500 members of the Aryan brotherhood. (Organized Crime, p.284, 2000)

The Aryan Brotherhood stands for white supremacy as well as outright hatred of anyone who is not white. The Aryan Brotherhood is a highly organized group which is at times referred to as a “Security Threat Group” ( There are certain measures of criteria that must be met to qualify the categorization of a Security Threat Group.


The Aryan Brotherhood were formed in 1967, in California's San Quentin State Prison, grown from the Blue Bird Gang of the 1950s and 1960s.
Latest News...

Suspect In Cold Case Murder Now Behind Bars
Police said George may have been a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and was associated with Dally

Documents: Suspect planned jail escape Inmate charged with first-degree murder
defense filing said the inmate was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood

'Armed and dangerous' inmate convicted of rape escapes jail
Tucker has an association with a white supremacy group known as the Aryan Brotherhood...

ADL Report Documents Growing Threat Of California-Based Extremist Gang
As an Orange County jury reached a guilty verdict in the criminal trial involving an associate of a California-based racist hate gang known as Public Enemy Number 1,

57 white supremacists arrested in sweep; The Orange County operation involving many agencies targeted a gang that allegedly threatened law..

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas has reportedly been operating in Texas since the 1970s. Specific and significant reportings include:


The Aryan Brotherhood also operate in other states, such as the Arizona AB and the California AB, which are apparently hostile towards each other.

The Aryan Brotherhood are concerned with White-Supremacy and self-protection from Black and Hispanic gangs. The recent conviction of 4 Aryan Brotherhood members in Santa Ana, California, one of the largest death penalty cases in U.S. history, revealed an allegedly "ruthless" gang who regularly murdered those who opposed the system, growing so out of control that even its own ranking members could not consider themselves safe. Two of the gang members convicted in July's trial, both deemed eligible for the death penalty, had allegedly ordered a 1997 race war at a prison in Lewisburg, Pa. that killed two black inmates. The same two, in addition to another accomplice, murdered inmate Arva Lee Ray at the Lompoc, California, penitentiary in 1989. The trials also revealed that members were inspired by Nietzsche, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War."

In 2006, alleged righleader Barry "The Baron" Mills was put to trial for the murder of two black gang membres, along with 3 other alleged leaders, including Tyler Davis "The Hulk" Bingham, Edgar "The Snail" Hevle, and Christopher Overton Gibson, all of whom are already serving time in prison. Mills orchestrated a successful contract murder against two black inmates in a Pennsylvania prison in 1979. Mills also planned a murder against Walter Johnson, an inmate who allegedly punched mafia don John Gotti in the eye in an Illinois prison in 1997. Gotti paid Mills $500,000 to kill Johnson, and Mills, who was staying at a Colorado prison at the time, agreed. However, the contract was never completed, and Gotti died in prison in 2002.

Initially formed for the protection of whites against blacks in prison, the gang gradually moved to criminal enterprise. In prison, they strive to control the sale of drugs, gambling, and "punks," or male prostitutes. According to Parenti, "Racial warfare comes second to business." The Aryan Brotherhood has carried out contract killings for the Mexican Mafia, but racist beliefs prevent members from consorting with African Americans, including even taking a cigarette or a candy bar from them.

Released or paroled members have smuggled money or drugs into prison, including marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines. The creed by which the Brotherhood members operate under is:

"I will stand by my brother
My brother will come before all others
My life is forfeited should I fail my brother
I will honor my brother in peace and war"

They also live by the motto, "in for life and out by death."

Rivalries have been reported with: The D.C. Blacks, Crips, Bloods, and other African-American gangs.

The Aryan Brotherhood are reportedly governed by a 5 member steering-committee. Original members traditionally had to be at least part Irish, denoting the significance of the shamrock still worn today by Brotherhood members, but this tradition has waned. As testament to their committment to white-cultural supremacy, their constitution states: "Our organization is a white supremacy group. No pretense is or will be made to the contrary."

The Aryan Brotherhood produced an offshoot in the 1970s called the Nazi Low Riders, which emerged in juvenile prisons under the jurisdiction of the California Youth Authority.

As revealed in the recent murder trial of 4 Aryan Brotherhood members in July 2006, communication included codes and cryptograms, some of which involved a 400-year-old binary alphabet system invented by Sir Francis Bacon, and concealing notes in mop handles and beneath rocks in the recreation yards.
The Aryan Brotherhood also supposedly perfected the art of urine-writing, where one dips a Q-Tip in some acidic substance such as citrus juice, urine or bleach, write with it, and make out the resulting words, which stay invisible until they are exposed to direct heat, such as a match flame.
Nazi SS Sig Runes
SS Lightning bolts
numbers "666" and "88" which signifies the eighth letter of the alphabet
HH for "Heil Hitler"
letters "AB"
shamrock (as a symbol of their originally Irish membership)
Nordic dagger on shield with lightning bolts
A Falcon relating to Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army
Recently, new AB recruits have adopted Gaelic phrases and language, not so much motivated by codes, but by harking back to the old Celtic and Norse mythology, which is becoming more popular among newer members.
they also use letters separated by happy faces combined with the strategic placement of exclamation points

After Aryan Brotherhood members Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham were convicted of murder, conspiracy and racketeering charges (some of which went back 30 years) in 2006, a federal court judge has now decided that the two members have a right to defend themselves and present evidence during their death sentencing hearing, a decision based on the result of Crawford vs. Washington in 2004. When attempting to document evidence for one of the alleged crimes for presentation during the members' upcoming death sentencing hearing, assistant US attorney Stephen Wolfe found that 3 key witnesses had either dead or vanished (15 August 2006, Associated Press). The two members were convicted under the Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering law, making them both eligible for the death penalty after ordering a race riot in a federal prison in Lewisburg, PA. The main issue in this trial is whether the accused in death penalty cases has the right to confront his or her accuser at the sentencing hearing. Sentencing begins August 28.
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PostSubject: Thanks Alo ^_^   Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:12 pm

TY Alo, I was going too get too that soon but i never did. TYVM
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Aryan Brotherhood Fact's. [Read]
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